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Coach Irwin Tran
Irwin Tran
PharmD, MS - Leadership & Career Coach
I’ve had over 17 years of technical and leadership roles in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. I eventually discovered my passion for coaching and developing...
Coach Arlene Donovan
Arlene Donovan
Career Strategist, CPCC, CPRW, CVCS, CWDP
Arlene Donovan is a recognized game-changer and thought leader in the workforce development arena. Arlene has an extensive background in facilitating career workshops...
Coach Nikki Ryberg
Nikki Ryberg
Career Coach & Resume Writer
It's like having your own HR department! I pivoted from 15+ years of HR leadership to help others figure out what they wanted and how to best go about getting there. My...

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Hosted by the Association for Women in Science, the AWIS Career Center is the best HR solution to recruit top, diverse talent in the STEM industries. With a 50-year history of championing women in science and over 30 grassroots chapters, AWIS offers opportunities for professional development, recognition, and networking with members, allies and supporters worldwide.

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